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You’ve waded into content-based IT marketing with your first white paper and you eagerly await the first report on leads you’ve generated. But the report is a disappointment. The number and quality of leads are far lower than you were led to expect. The leads that you have generated lack the titles, company affiliations and technology implementations that define your target market.

Your campaign has missed on a number of points. Sound familiar? 

The scenario plays out time and again in the emerging field of content-based marketing. And more often than not, the problem is the content. You have something important to tell your customers and prospects but you don't know how to make the message resonate with them. That's where we can help. 

Lead-gen programs can triple results and maintain lead quality by simply tweaking the approach and the wording . Webcasts can generate more than 1,000 highly qualified leads. Don't waste valuable time and money searching for the right formula. Trial and error is no way to perfect a marketing strategy. 

Paul Gillin Communications can save you time, money and embarrassment, and enhance your learning while you generate the results you desire. We know what motivates IT professionals. We can help you design an integrated program that draws customers through the buying lifecycle, from identifying the opportunity to selecting the solution provider. Our services will help you eliminate waste and drill down on your best prospects.

Contact us for an initial consultation at no charge. Let us show what we can do to help make your content sing!

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