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About Paul Gillin

Paul has chronicled the information technology revolution since the dawn of the  PC era. He joined Computerworld as a staff writer in 1982 and drove the leading newsweekly's software coverage beginning in mid-1983. In 1985, he signed on as senior software editor at PC Week, covering Microsoft, Lotus and others aspiring industry leaders. Following a brief stint as founding news editor at Digital Review, he  returned to Computerworld in 1987 where, as Executive Editor, he helped guide the  publication's agenda beyond the  mainframe world and into the  broader realm of corporate computing.

In 1999, he took a risk on the dot-com world, leaving behind a staff of 70 and a budget of $7 million to become the sixth employee at a venture-funded startup called SearchHiTech.com. The company, which was soon renamed TechTarget, was building a network of Web portals for IT professionals, each site focused on a narrow technology discipline. Paul defined the editorial model for TechTarget and hired a team of more than 60 editors. Over the next six years, he engineered the editorial transition of TechTarget into a leading source of original news and technical advice. The network now consists of more than two dozen websites, dozens of events and four magazines.

TechTarget became the fastest-growing media company in the IT market, achieving profitability in 2002 and $48 million in annual revenue two years later. During that time, Paul played a key role in company strategy as the company launched new sites, built its conference business and expanded into print publishing and custom events. He most recently served as publisher for divisions encompassing nine TechTarget websites and two conferences.

Paul's career has spanned nearly every aspect of editorial operations. In addition to writing hundreds of articles, he has edited several print supplements, interviewed the most prominent industry leaders, launched and nurtured successful events, traveled worldwide and spoken at scores of conferences and user group meetings. He's appeared on radio and TV programs around the world and have been interviewed hundreds of times by reporters seeking perspective and clarity on technology issues.

Paul launched Computerworld's first website in 1996, led that publication's coverage of theY2K problem and made the leap to new media just as the Internet was about to explode. More recently, he's taken up blogging and podcasting in an effort to continue to learn about the cutting edge of technology innovation. 

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